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Εξωτερικό φίλτρο SERA UVC με ενσωματωμένη λάμπα UV-C και αυτόματη εξαέρωση.

Electronically controllable external filters for aquariums up to 1,200 liters

The sera UVC-Xtreme, available in the 800 and 1200 versions, are efficient and energy saving external filters of the newest generation.

Due to the integrated UV-C lamp with amalgam, their life span extends by up to 42% and their performance by more than 52% compared to standard UV-C. Up to 93% of pathogens and algae in the aquarium are removed. The electronically dimmable performance can be adjusted to the requirements and is therefore particularly energy saving, a high pump performance is already achieved at 5 W.
Due to permanent de-aeration and current optimization, the external filter is also particularly quiet. With only 24 Volt DC supply, it is furthermore also particularly safe.
The automatic suction pump de-aerates the filter upon pushing a button. There is no need for manual suction or pumping by hand.

Includes free high quality products from the sera Professional range:
The high performance filter media sera siporax and crystal clear for the biological and mechanical filtration

Modell/Variante Einsatzumgebung Volumen / Mengen Leistungsaufnahme Input Breite Länge Höhe

Μέγεθος ενυδρείου: 100 - 800 λίτρα

Πραγματική μέγιστη κυκλοφορία φίλτανσης: 840 l/h
Μέγεθος φίλτρου: 6 λίτρα
Καλάθια φίλτρου: 2 τεμ.

Χωρίς UV-C: 5 - 19 W
με UV-C: 9.8 - 24 W

Φίλτρο: 24V
Μετασχηματιστής: 100-240V

300.0 mm 300.0 mm 420.0 mm

Μέγεθος ενυδρείου: 200 - 1,200 λίτρα

Πραγματική μέγιστη κυκλοφορία φίλτανσης: 1,220 l/h
Μέγεθος φίλτρου: 11 λίτρα
Καλάθια φίλτρου: 4 τεμ.

Χωρίς UV-C: 5 - 29 W
με UV-C: 9.8 - 34 W

Φίλτρο: 24V
Μετασχηματιστής: 100-240V

300.0 mm 300.0 mm 570.0 mm
Ονομασία προϊόντος SAP-Mat.-LabelΠεριεχόμενοKωδικό no. SAP-Mat.-Number
sera UVC-Xtreme - external filters UVC-Xtreme 800 Außenfilter D/US/F/.. 1τεμ. 32147 45071
sera UVC-Xtreme - external filters UVC-Xtreme 1200 Außenfilter D/US/F/.. 1τεμ. 32148 45072

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